These therapeutic treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs, targeting specific concerns from acne, dehydration, and environmentally sensitised skin to sun damaged and prematurely aged skin. Helping to restore optimum skin health. Our detailed skin consultation precedes each treatment to ensure maximum benefits for your skin.
Exclusive Facial (1hr 15min)  £48.00
A relaxing back massage to reduce stress and muscle tension is a perfect start to this facial. A deep cleanse followed by a customised exfoliation leaves the skin polished and glowing. Extractions remove any congestion. The aromatherapy pressure point massage that follows will stimulate blood circulation and revitalise the tissues while the feet or hands experience a soothing massage treatment. A cooling contour mask ideal for clients with sensitive, easily irritated skin, or as an instant pick up for tired skin is then applied to include the eye area. A nourishing moisturiser followed by an application of treatment foundation, leave the skin protected, with a hint of colour.
Prescriptive Facial (1hr)  £38.00
This revitalising treatment begins with a deep cleansing, followed by a gentle customised exfoliation, to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion. The skin is then gently warmed to allow easy removal of any built up congestion. A face neck and shoulder massage using aromatherapy is certain to ease your mind and spirit. Whilst the revitalising, mask takes effect enjoy a soothing massage to the hands or feet. Finish with a nutrient rich moisturiser to hydrate, protect and help restore the natural balance of your skin.
Express Facial (30min) £25.00
This complete treatment achieves maximum results in the minimum of time, with a perfect blend of power cleansing, a customised mask, toning and moisturising for people on the go

All times include consulation and face mapping with our therapists who are HND qualified.

Due to demand clients are requested to give at least 24hrs notice for cancellation of appointments.